Phantom Supply Adapter

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DMV Phantom Supply Adapter

  • An easy to install out of the box solution for your FCB1010.
  • Eliminates the AC line cord
  • Will let you power the FCB1010 from either the line cord or DC phantom power without having an obtrusive switch sticking out.
  • Automatically senses whether you are supplying line voltage or DC phantom power and then seamlessly directs it to your FCB1010.
  • Installs in about 15-20 minutes
  • Lead Free, RoHS Compliant
  • Install it and forget about it
  • Totally Reversible
  • Affordable Price


The instructions included in the kit will have you disconnect two yellow wires from the FCB1010 and then solder them onto the DMV Phantom Supply Adapter. Next, you will solder the two pre-attached yellow wires from the Phantom Supply Adapter back to the same location on the FCB1010 that you removed the two previously mentioned yellow wires from. Then you will mount the phantom adapter’s circuit board and attach a red and a black wire from the Phantom Supply Adapter to the backside of the MIDI out/thru connecter.
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